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Oct 10, 2023

RUCKUS Networks Leads The Wi-Fi 7 Revolution With The R770 Access Point, The First Enterprise-Class Wi-Fi 7 Solution Driven by RUCKUS AI

With the RUCKUS R770 we continue to deliver purpose-driven networks empowering customers across key verticals to maximize Wi-Fi 7’s superior speed, latency, capacity, and connection reliability HICKORY, N.C. --(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 10, 2023-- CommScope (NASDAQ: COMM), a global leader in network

With the RUCKUS R770 we continue to deliver purpose-driven networks empowering customers across key verticals to maximize Wi-Fi 7’s superior speed, latency, capacity, and connection reliability

HICKORY, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 10, 2023-- CommScope (NASDAQ: COMM), a global leader in network connectivity solutions, has unveiled the market’s leading enterprise-class Wi-Fi 7 access point (AP)—the R770 from RUCKUS Networks. The platform will utilize the advanced capabilities of Wi-Fi 7 coupled with RUCKUS® patented innovations to deliver the best possible performance in the most challenging environments of the industries we serve. This AI-driven solution, the newest member of the RUCKUS portfolio, provides an elevated option for purpose-driven networks.

The RUCKUS R770 platform is driven by RUCKUS AI™, a cloud service for network assurance and business intelligence to enhance Wi-Fi 7 network resilience. RUCKUS AI simplifies network management by presenting key information to operators, improving network visibility, speeding up problem solving, meeting service level agreements (SLAs) and ensuring a seamless user experience.

“In the broader technology space, we constantly hear about ‘the next big thing’ that’s barreling down the pipeline—in our world, this is it,” stated Bart Giordano, senior vice president, RUCKUS Networks, CommScope. “Wi-Fi 7 is a quantum leap forward, the best way to fully utilize the capacity and performance offered by the 6 GHz band, and we’re privileged to take our place once again as a leader in this Wi-Fi revolution with the RUCKUS R770 platform. When ‘good enough’ networking just isn’t good enough, organizations turn to RUCKUS Networks. Emerging use cases in many challenging environments will benefit tremendously from Wi-Fi 7 in coming years. With the launch of the automatic frequency coordination (AFC)-ready R770 AP, we look to transform our entire AP portfolio to enable the industries we serve to benefit from the tremendous advancements in Wi-Fi 7.”

"The anticipated capacity, throughput, reliability, and security offered by RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 solutions should significantly accelerate the student learning experience inside and out of the classroom via high-quality video streaming, seamless online collaboration, and enhanced distance learning. Improved efficiency and reliability of Wi-Fi 7 will help reduce IT overhead and that certainly helps our lean IT team," noted Mark Hughes, vice president of information technology and CIO, Texas State University.

“Qualcomm Technologies has been a long-time trusted collaborator of RUCKUS Networks and we are excited to be the Wi-Fi 7 platform provider to the R770 AP,” said Ganesh Swaminathan, vice president and general manager, Wireless Infrastructure and Networking, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “The Qualcomm® Networking Pro Wi-Fi 7 platform is designed to set new benchmarks for enterprise networking performance with massive capacity, wire-like stability and blazing fast speeds across hundreds of devices simultaneously and RUCKUS will deliver purpose-driven enterprise networks that push the boundaries of what Wi-Fi can do.”

With RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 solutions, partners and customers experience:

  • Higher throughput and capacity through wider 6 GHz bandwidth and new signal modulation schemes in Wi-Fi 7, enhanced by RUCKUS BeamFlex® technology, a patented smart directional antenna system built into the AP. This greatly reduces interference, extends Wi-Fi® range and coverage, eliminates dead spots, improves signal quality, and delivers more reliable connectivity and performance.
  • Reduced latency and improved reliability, leveraging Wi-Fi 7’s unique Multi-Link Operations (MLO) and punctured transmission capabilities.
  • Simplified security via exclusive patent-pending RUCKUS DPSK3™ technology that combines patented RUCKUS Dynamic PSK™ technology with WPA3 to deliver advanced security with the flexibility of dynamic passphrase to secure network access.
  • Better resiliency because enhanced AI identifies network incidents, auto-classifies them by severity levels, traces root causes and makes specific recommendations for remediation.
  • Enhanced quality of service over the 6 GHz band via AFC, so customers can deploy 6 GHz Wi-Fi networks indoors and outdoors with the highest possible signal strength while complying with regulatory requirements.
  • Integrated IoT thanks to the built-in IoT radio that supports BLE and Zigbee, and offers converged IT and OT management and assurance. Future support for Matter and Thread protocols will provide interoperability between IoT ecosystems and efficient wireless communications for low power devices.

Industries like manufacturing, multi-dwelling units (MDUs), education and others will benefit from the R770 platform’s low latency and high reliability, while hospitality, large public venues, service providers and many other verticals can capitalize on opportunity that comes from the unprecedented advancements in speed and capacity.

  • In the hospitality sector, this translates to superior guest experiences, specifically for those who use complimentary Wi-Fi for work and rely on video conferencing. It also appeals to leisure guests who game, stream videos, and access online hotel or resort features or in-app experiences.
  • In the education sector, the benefits emerge from a seamlessly supported learning environment, with greater capacity to connect more users and classrooms to stream videos, collaborate on shared documents or assignments, and support reliable virtual classes and subsequent online testing.
  • In high-density venues, the platform provides fewer interrupted connections and faster speeds for high-traffic locations, such as concerts, sporting events, conferences or trade shows. Attendees who want to stream videos, upload social media content, or order food/apparel/rideshares on location can do so with ease. Facilities operators also benefit from valuable data insights and analytics allowing them to improve operational efficiencies.
  • In MDUs, this translates to less interference from the connections of multiple nearby users, which yields improved streaming and gaming and delivers greater reliability and security for remote workers and students. It also means faster, more reliable video conferencing for dispersed families and friends.

"As new ways to consume the internet emerge in the form of applications that demand higher speed, lower latency and better connectivity overall we are excited about the possibilities the Wi-Fi 7 standard creates for Pavlov Media through the continuous expansion and improvement of our network," said Eran Dor, VP technical products at Pavlov Media, a leading internet service provider for multi-tenant housing. "We see the Wi-Fi 7 standard becoming an essential building block to unlock advanced network capabilities for our customers especially in dense environments such as MDUs and appreciate the role of RUCKUS Networks in driving progress to make this a reality."

“Wi-Fi has become essential for enterprises, and Wi-Fi 7 will address new sophisticated use cases that demand better responsiveness, higher reliability, enhanced security, and lower latency. Wi-Fi 7, along with the new 6 GHz band, offers an unprecedented opportunity to increase network performance, and will fuel the next wave of enterprise Wi-Fi upgrades,” noted Siân Morgan, Research Director, Dell’Oro Group. “RUCKUS’s leading-edge Wi-Fi 7 access point, along with their deep expertise and knowledge of enterprises’ needs in key vertical industries, will play an important role in propelling Wi-Fi innovation to new heights.”

The unprecedented speed, bandwidth and reliability of this AI-driven Wi-Fi 7 platform will enable our partners to justify faster refresh cycles than ever before with their most demanding customers; as a channel-first business, this was a high priority for RUCKUS Networks. The platform will also allow our partners to boldly sell wireless solutions into mission critical industries where latency, security and signal reliability have historically necessitated wired connections, such as harsh manufacturing and distribution environments. These advantages are also key for our MSP partners, who will benefit from superior network longevity and reliability, resulting in fewer instances that require truck rolls to remedy.

RUCKUS Networks consistently engineers our solutions beyond already rigorous reference architecture standards, and the RUCKUS R770 AP is no exception. It empowers our channel partners to provide connectivity solutions that are truly differentiated in the industry. With the R770 platform, RUCKUS Networks gives our channel partners a head start in delivering amazing end user experiences.

The RUCKUS R770 is currently being beta tested by lead customers with production shipments beginning in December 2023. For detailed product information, please visit our website.

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